7 Steps to Legal Revenge

Anna Arden at press conference

Ardin published a posting in on her blog, Ardin.se, called 7 Steps to Legal Revenge. The blog has since been dismantled, but OpenTopic has found a cached copy, and put it through Google translate. Perhaps the most interesting part of it is Step 3: "For example, if you want revenge on someone who cheated or who dumped you, you should use a punishment with dating / sex / fidelity involved."

Sofia Wilen at press conference

Assange had not told Woman B (Wilen) that he was going to the crayfish party with Anna, with whom he had slept just two nights earlier. While he was at the party, Wilen called him and left a message. He spent the next day with Anna, and Wilen continued to call, but Assange's phone was still off. They finally got together on the next Monday, but by then, she said, "He paid more attention to the computer than to me."

Wilén, unaware that Ardin had a relationship with Assange, called Anna, who she knew only as the woman who had put together Assange's seminar. Wilen told Ardin that she's had unprotected sex with Assange and is afraid she might have contracted an STD or become pregnant. The ensuing conversation ultimately precipitated an international manhunt.



A multi-agency task force led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation