US Army AMMO DUMP ATTACK with secondarys

the stills [animated] are from an 8 minute video when the ammo dump was just getting going (i saw much of it 'live' on CNN, but from a great distance. but massive explosions) the fires and explosions raged for hours and hours through the night but what brought me back to it was the question of tactical nukes and the question of israeli neutron bombs etc....

very good resource on this


"US occupation forces are accusing Iraqi translators of leaking information on the location of arms and ammunition depots in the Falcon military base (Al-Rashid military base) to the resistance. “We are sure that two Iraqi translators working with US forces leaked information and gave the base altitudes to the resistance. There are also doubts that a third interpreter had left the base one day before the bombing only and did not join again”.

The Iraqi source, who refused to reveal his identity, said that dozens of American soldiers were killed in those explosions. The source pointed out that six Iraqi translators were killed in those explosions. American forces refused to hand over the bodies of the dead Iraqis to their families without giving reasons." Ammo Dump Explosions Investigation Ocotber 16, 2006

There are emailed reports, yet to be confirmed, that the number of dead American soldiers at Al-Rashid military base (camp Falcon) has reached 300. See below pictures on the extent of some of the devastation there as a result of just a few Grad and Katyusha rockets (cost: no more than $300 - Effect: estimated at $billions of munitions, structures and American lives wasted). Wonder why there is a 'spike' in American casualties this month?
22.10.06. abutamam